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Get a speaker that has over a decade of experience helping high performers and business leaders. Ben's presentations and  workshops are transformational, hard hitting, practical and fully customized to the needs of the audience and the industry.  Each person will be able to leave with powerful tools, concepts and strategies that will directly impact their performance and their success.

Your speaker for...

Your Team

60 minute, half day or full day workshops to help you and/or your team. Get powerful, practical, actionable keys and hacks that will unlock your teams performance or help them manage with the challenges of life and work. 

Your Event

Whether you need a speaker to set the tone for the event, reignite the energy after a lunch break or someone to motivate your attendees to take action, Ben will be able to deliver this along with a powerful mindset and high performance topic that fits the theme of the event.

Your Podcast

Mindset and all things high performance are relatable and interesting topics across all industries. Your conversation with Ben will be leave your audience not only equipped with some new strategies but they will also be thinking about it beyond the episode. 

Most commonly requested presentations. 

Mental toughness & resilience.
Life, business & leadership is full of ups, downs and challenges. Those who have developed resilience have been shown to be more successful, have better relationships and interactions with people and can handle great levels of responsibility and success.

Bulletproof confidence.
The kind of confidence that has a positive affect on people's lives, business, leadership and families is the kind of confidence that does not get rocked because of other peoples opinions, being around intimidating people, confrontation or criticism.

Controlling and managing emotions and your mental state.
For decades athletes have used practical strategies to ensure they are on top of their game, ready to play, able to block out the intimidation from the opposing teams crowd and thrive under pressure. No matter what is happening in an athletes personal life they know how to leave it all behind when they step onto the field. Imagine what you can do with these same strategies applied to you, your business and your personal life. 

Motivation & drive.
Most people's motivation is up and down. Procrastination rears it's ugly head even when people have big goals and dreams. Learn how we can overcome the blocks and challenges that limit most people's output, success and actualization of their vision.

Switching off and recharging effectively.
High performers typically find it hard to switch off from their work, major challenges they face and often find it hard to be present with their friends and family. Unfortunately, this has many negative effects. To be at the top of your game and enjoy all areas of life, you need new strategies and mindsets to be in place. Switching off can then not only be possible but becomes a source for more energy, creativity and problem solving abilities.

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